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Challenged Airline Merger Carries Lessons for Medical Devices Acquisitions in New Era of Premerger Scrutiny

According to news and industry sources, healthcare mergers and acquisitions are on the rise in 2013. In fact, there have reportedly been at least 49 such transactions in the medical devices field alone so far this year. Companies seeking to enter into or expand their presence within this burgeoning marketplace should proceed carefully, however, because … Continue Reading

Medical Devices Merger Suggests Global Antitrust/Competition Reviews Can Be Time-Consuming Even Without Direct Competitive Overlaps

Late in April 2013—following a many-month delay while approval from Chinese and Eastern European antitrust regulators was pending—two Japanese companies, Sony Corp. and Olympus Corp., announced that their medical devices merger had at last received final authorization. “Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc.,” as the new joint venture will be known, was officially established as of … Continue Reading